Since the moon was NOT sighted in North America. Day of Arafah will be June 16 and Eid al Adha will be June 17 (Monday) inshaAllah.

Important Community Announcement

Alhamdulillāh we have been blessed with a property that is perfect for our community. We look forward to having a lot more programs at Masjid Al-Noor inshaAllah. Jazākallāhu khayran to all the volunteers who helped make this Ramadan a success!

You can continue to support the operations from the links above.

Donations via Zelle can be sent to

For other donation options visit here.

Please donate generously and spread the message among your family and friends.

Al-Noor Masjid is now open for all religious activities including in-person maktab for children (6 year and older) on Sunday (11am-1pm), weeknight khatera with Imam after Isha salat, & coffee with Imam on Sunday morning after Fajr salat.
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