Masjid Al-Noor
Construction Update

April 25th 2022 Update

The new masjid lot is ideally located in Manor City: near East Parmer/HWY 290/HWY 130 (toll road). A place where local muslims and travelers can benefit. Great investment for the hereafter. 

Current construction financial standings: $100,000

Phase 2: Land clearing, Survey and Site Plan

Budget: $100,000

Status: In Progress

Upcoming Tasks: 

  • Proposals for the land development engineering work is being collected. We have 3 proposals in hand. Waiting on 1 more to come in. 
  • Select the finalists and meet face to face 
  • Award the engineering study to the selected company
  • Platting request sent to Surveyor 
  • Zoning clarifications with the city 

Recently Completed Tasks:

  • Provide all documentation requested by the engineering companies
  • Engineering study request for quotes sent out to 5 companies 
  • Land, topography and tree surveys complete

Please contribute generously. This our opportunity to participate and contribute towards our eternal abode. Please pass the word around, continue to ask Allah to make this masjid a reality and donate generously. 

Phase 1: Land Purchase 1 acre (closed October 7th, 2021)

Alhamdulillah with the mercy of Almighty Allah Phase 1 is complete. With the mercy of Allah contributions came from all directions. Local Muslim Businesses also stepped up big in supporting our efforts. We ask Allah to accept your Du’a, contributions, provide aafiya and build you a house in Jannah.

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