Sh. Nur Ahmad
Islamic Scholar

Sh. Nur Ahmad was born and grew up in Bangladesh. He attended ‘Jamia Madania Angura Muhammadpur’ in Sylhet, Bangladesh for higher Islamic education. He completed the full Kutub Sitta (The six major hadith books). His Sanad of hadith reaches to Prophet Muhammad pbuh through the chain of Imam Al-Bukhari. He received his highest level of Arabic and Islamic educational degree from ‘Deeni Board of Education’ Bangladesh. Sh. Nur joined the faculty of the Jamia Madania Angura Muhammadpur, where he took his last Takmeel Degree, which is equivalent to a Masters Degree in Islamic Studies and Arabic.


Sh. Nur previously served as an Imam of ‘Astoria Islamic Center’ as well as ‘Parkchester Jame Masjid’ in New York. In Austin, Texas, he served as an Imam of Islamic Center of Greater Austin (ICGA) approximately 8 years and then he moved to North Austin Muslim Community Center (NAMCC) and served as an Imam for 4 years.


Currently, he is serving as an Imam & Director at Al-Noor Muslim Community Center of Manor, Texas. He is also very active in Prison Dawah Project, serving as a Muslim Chaplain in Travis County Correctional Center in Austin, Texas. He is also the founder of American Dawah Foundation.

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